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Introduction and First day of Watchmaking

Today I make mine the words of a famous pirate: “My name is Aimeri Baddouh and I want to be a Watchmaker!”, or something like that. You may remember that if you are old enough to have played the old Lucasarts’ Monkey Island series. Anyway, I digress. My relationship with watches started when I was […]

What to Expect as a Watchmaker

While in watchmaking school we worked on a handful of “common” calibers. Our main repertoire included: Unitas 6497 Rolex 1570 ETA 2824 ETA 2892 Valjoux 7750 ETA ETA Lemania 1873 We also got limited exposure to some other modern movements and were responsible for providing other watches in an effort to increase our […]

What is it?

At a recent gathering of watchmakers we encouraged all to bring a tool they just weren’t sure about. This one managed to stump all of us. The box is labeled “Jeu Arbres Lisses 1re qualite” which as best I can tell means a set of straight shafts or arbors of first quality, But my French […]

Welcome Make Readers

Some of you reading this may be joining us from Make Magazine. An article in this month’s series on Lost Knowledge features some photos of my shop. Those of you who don’t subscribe to the magazine may still enjoy a photo montage on their webpage. For those of you reading this blog for the first […]

Simple Tools

By request I give you some of the simple tools I have fashioned myself. I’m kind of a spoiled watchmaker because I had to buy lots of really nice tools when I started school. Because of that I haven’t had to improvise a lot of tools but here are some of what I have: Toothpick […]

A new perspective on time

This article puts what I do into an entirely different perspective. I strive for watches to be accurate within a couple of seconds a day. These guys make clocks that if they had been built during the big bang would still be accurate to within a second. Super Clocks It’s a good thing people like […]

A Balance Staff

Most of the time I just swap out parts in watches. The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a nice project watch. As a part of this watch repair I needed to make a new balance staff. The watch is a Paul Breton. It’s a Swiss Bar movement from around the turn of […]

Pivot gauge lovin!

I finally took my first WOSTEP exam last week and I’m glad to report that I made it through.  I successfully finished it with a little bit of warpage after heat treatment but it was complete by the end of the day.  The results are still unknown because they’ll be going to Switzerland for grading.  […]

Spit: The Miracle Solvent

One of the tools in my arsenal travels with me everywhere. As a watchmaker I have many solvents and cleaners at my disposal. I use them all sparingly and in accordance with safe practices. For cleaning watch movements I use L&R Ultrasonic Cleaner and L&R Ultrasonic Rinse. The cleaner is Ammonia based, the rinse has […]

An Archaic Spin on the Demagnetizer

Back in September, we talked a little bit about magnetism;  more recently, as I’ve been working my way through reading the whole of Donald de Carle’s Practical Watch Repairing, I came  across this interesting illustration of a  hand powered demagnetizer that requires no electric current at all to function. While it’s not something I can see […]