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Looking for a Deal?

Russian Watch Lover left a comment about my review of a Vostok watch I serviced. He asks what I would recommend for a mechanical watch under $100. Don’t get attached to it. When you buy a mechanical watch for under $100 you should expect it to be only moderately accurate (within 10 or 15 seconds […]

A new perspective on time

This article puts what I do into an entirely different perspective. I strive for watches to be accurate within a couple of seconds a day. These guys make clocks that if they had been built during the big bang would still be accurate to within a second. Super Clocks It’s a good thing people like […]

SIHH and Basel World

It’s that time of the year already. SIHH (Salon Internationalde de Haute Horlogerie) is several months before Basel this year (it’s going on now)and the blogosphere is reporting lots of new models from the Richemont brands and the few other brands exhibiting there. You might check out Men’s Watch Review for some of the models […]

Russian Watches

With the exception of the Pavel Bure pocket watch I serviced a while back this was the first Russian watch I have serviced. The watch is a 17 Jewel manual wind Vostok. Here are my impressions: Overall finish of the movement is very poor. I have seen Chinese counterfeit movements that were as well finished […]

How does your watchmaker sign his work?

As a watchmaker I strive to leave no marks in a watch. It is always my goal to return a watch to a state that is like new. Some watchmakers will scribe a repair mark in the case back. Other watchmakers use a permanent marker to write inside the case back. I leave nothing. But […]

Math with Time

I sometimes have to deal with a watch company which I won’t name (it’s not Rolex) that has trouble with their customer service. On a recent occasion I was told that despite their invoice stating that case refinishing was a part of their full service they were unable to refinish a certain style of bezel. […]

The Watch Avenue

The New York Times released an advertising supplement this past week focused on watches. The articles were way better than average for this sort of thing. One of their features was a new website they have launched for watch lovers. The user interface is unique and it has boutiques for many high end watch brands. […]

The Gear Train

In a continuation of posts on the fundamentals of watches here comes talk of the gear train. The first post discussed the mainspring and barrel. A gear train is a collection of toothed wheels and pinions which interact to transfer rotational energy from one location to another. As watchmakers we usually talk about these elements […]

Lego Watches

If you are like me you enjoy watches. Of course you do, you’re reading this blog. But did you (or do you still) love LEGOs also? I did. Here are some great watch related Lego things to check out: LEGO watches for adults and children, clocks too! If you are thinking of buying one for […]

More on the Parachrom Hairspring

If you missed my first post on the Parachrom hairspring you may want to check out the details of this fabulous development by Rolex in my original post on the topic. Since writing that post I have been patiently waiting to get my hands on a pre-2005 Daytona with the 4130 movement so I could […]