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What is it?

At a recent gathering of watchmakers we encouraged all to bring a tool they just weren’t sure about. This one managed to stump all of us. The box is labeled “Jeu Arbres Lisses 1re qualite” which as best I can tell means a set of straight shafts or arbors of first quality, But my French […]

Simple Tools

By request I give you some of the simple tools I have fashioned myself. I’m kind of a spoiled watchmaker because I had to buy lots of really nice tools when I started school. Because of that I haven’t had to improvise a lot of tools but here are some of what I have: Toothpick […]

Ligne Gauge

Historically watch calibers were designated by size. The French system for measuring sizes is the ligne. A ligne is equal to 1/12th of an 18th century French inch. The american system is simply “size.” In the American size the 0 size measures 1 5/30 inches and each size larger or smaller is 1/30 inch different. […]

RODICO Premium

Another one of those great freebies I walked away from the AWCI Convention with was some of Bergeon’s new and “improved” RODICO Premium. For those of you who don’t know; Rodico is a cleaning product designed specifically for watchmaking. There are 3 main varieties of this product. They are similar in nature to the sticky […]

Bergeon’s New Oiler

I got lots of great SWAG (Stuff We All Get) at the AWCI Convention. One of the little things I brought home was one of Bergeon’s new oilers. These new oilers cost about $25 each whereas the old oilers cost about $3. So what makes them so much better? The old oilers don’t work properly […]

Ball Peen Hammer

Here’s a tool I learned how to use from a jeweler. The Ball peen hammer is very useful for forming rivets. I use it whenever I need to replace a worn rivet in a watch bracelet. This is a useful skill which should be taught in watchmaking school but is not. It is especially common […]

Tuesday Tools – Roller Jewel Setting Tweezers

I have never seen this tool in real life or in any modern catalog but it looks terribly useful. The rare time when I need to reset a roller jewel I have found it to be a somewhat awkward task. This tool appears to make it practical and easy. Click on the image for a […]

Tuesday Tools – Crystal Lift

This is a simple tool for removing the acrylic crystal from a one piece case design. The claws grip on the outside rim of the crystal compressing it until it can be raised out of the case, giving access to the movement. The tool can also be used to install the same crystal back into […]

Tuesday Tools – Truing Calipers

Truing calipers are used to help make a wheel turn true. Occasionally you find a bent wheel in a watch. The truing caliper will help you see how far out of true it is, locate the low (or high) spot and make the correction to get it turning true again. There are two main types […]

Tuesday Tools – Poising Tool

For some reason the poising tool is one of those watchmaker tools that you can find anywhere. There always seems to be one at every flea market, in every used tool store, and of course in every watchmaker’s shop. In fact, there are two in my shop. One is my personal poising tool, the other […]