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Watchmaker Contest

Those of you follow this blog closely will be aware that Prem C of

This is what it is

An update to the what is it post. That tool, which I confess I did not know exactly what it was for, is a tool for cutting shoulders on pocket watch bows. Thank you Jon for informing me. Here is a close up shot of the cutters and a video of it in action. I […]

What is it?

What is it? We have here a tool from my workshop. On one side it has a large disc with small cutting tools on it. There is a pin to position the cutters. There is a handle to rotate the cutter. Only one cutter rotates at a time. On the back side there is a […]

New Bergeon Tool Catalog

Bergeon showed some new fancy tools for watchmakers at Basel this year. I haven’t had a chance to actually play with any of them, hopefully I’ll get the chance before too long. For now here is the catalog of new tools but don’t forget your pocket book, these tools don’t come cheap. Here is the […]