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More Wisdom From the Experienced

Here’s a handy tip that one of the more veteran watchmakers at work offered me this week: If magnetism is proven not to be the problem when a client brings in a fairly new (or recently serviced) mechanical watch and expresses that it is not keeping time very well, pay careful attention first to the […]

Wisdom from the Experienced

Earlier this week, the watchmaker who works beside me handed me a watch that he was having an impossible time trying to get a damaged bracelet off of. The screwbar attaching the bracelet to the case had not been properly installed in the past and a sizeable portion of the screw head on one side […]

Setting the Time with more Precision

I recently had a client inquire as to why the minute hand on his watch always seemed to trail the second hand by half a minute or so whenever he set the time. This can be a common problem, particularly on mechanical watches because they need to be set more often. Most people either don’t […]