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Great article about Rolex 3135 Service

I was looking for some pictures on the web recently and I stumbled across this article by Andrew Babanin describing what he found inside his Rolex Submariner. It has lots of good pictures and a pretty good description of the 3135 movement.

Water Tests Explained

Water resistant watches need to be tested or there can be no guarantee that they will perform as they are supposed to. When a watch maker performs a water test the price usually includes the necessary tasks to ensure the watch passes the test but not the parts needed to make it pass, should it […]

M. C. Escher wore a Submariner?

When I moved into my new workspace back in October I wanted some artwork for the wall. I was fooling around in Photoshop and this is what I came up with: If you want to use this image just donate something to my blog and download it.