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Spare Parts Restrictions

Thanks to Rryan for suggesting this great area of discussion. It is one I have discussed a bit in the past but as time goes by my opinion of the matter is constantly maturing. You can check out Rrayn’s suggestion and make your own here. You can also check out some of Rryan’s own work […]

The Parts Issue Continues

I have been out of town for a few days and of course the work piled up while I was gone. I spent most of today estimating repairs. One of the watches I dealt with today was a Maurice Lacroix automatic that I serviced one year ago. It had stopped working and when it came […]

Consumers and Watch Parts

The topic of watch parts has been heavily discussed among the membership of AWCI recently, so I feel I understand how watchmakers feel about the subject. We’re frustrated because we can’t always get the parts we need. Read more about parts here, here, and here. I would really like to hear from any of you […]