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Russian Watch Lover left a comment about my review of a Vostok watch I serviced. He asks what I would recommend for a mechanical watch under $100. Don’t get attached to it. When you buy a mechanical watch for under $100 you should expect it to be only moderately accurate (within 10 or 15 seconds […]


That’s right that terrible problem that was supposed to occur on Midnight of January 1st, 2000. Our computers were all supposed to crash and it was going to cost our country millions of dollars. Well nothing became of it then, but it is a problem. Today I changed the battery in a digital Seiko but […]


When installing new glass crystals sometimes they are held in by a gasket but other times they are held in place by a two part epoxy. The different methods for securing crystals is actually quite diverse. Seiko makes an adhesive specifically for securing crystals but really any two part epoxy will do, so long as […]