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Anti-reflective coating

On occasion I hear someone ask why Rolex doesn’t use anti-reflective coating on their watch crystals. This Ladies Constellation is a good example why not. Click on the image to enlarge it and take a look. The haziness and scratches in the crystal are a result of ordinary wear to the anti-reflective coating on the […]

Milgauss on a Zulu

Here is a fun watch: One of our customers who recently purchased a Milgauss decided to put it on an Orange Zulu strap. I think it’s a great look.

What a watchmaker does at the beach

You know you are into watches when this is how you spend your time at the beach:

South Paws

That’s right left handed individuals this one is for you. — I had a gentleman come in the other day whose bezel had popped off of his submariner. He complained that he had entirely lost his bezel before and that it has come off several times. I found this a bit odd because it is […]

Rolex Caliber 1601

Whenever someone begins to get interested in Cellini watches they seem to want to know what is inside of one. “Is it the same movement as a Submariner or a Datejust?” “Is it technically advanced?” etc. Sorry, but no it is not. Cellinis have their own movments totally different from Rolexes. For one they are […]

Monday Myth – Watch Winders

In response to a question I received from Thomas Sharples, I’m going to take the time to talk about watch winders. If you are familiar with automatic wristwatches you know that if you don’t wear them for a couple of days they come to a stop. This isn’t a big deal if your watch only […]

Great article about Rolex 3135 Service

I was looking for some pictures on the web recently and I stumbled across this article by Andrew Babanin describing what he found inside his Rolex Submariner. It has lots of good pictures and a pretty good description of the 3135 movement.

Water Tests Explained

Water resistant watches need to be tested or there can be no guarantee that they will perform as they are supposed to. When a watch maker performs a water test the price usually includes the necessary tasks to ensure the watch passes the test but not the parts needed to make it pass, should it […]

A clean watch lasts forever

As a watchmaker I see a lot of watches. Some people are kind to their watches, others really beat them up. Some watches still look brand new when they come in, others are totally covered in scratches. Some watches are nice and clean and others are covered in body cheese. One thing is certain, a […]

Rolex Parachrom Hairspring

It seems there is a lot of mystery surrounding this innovation made by Rolex so I will try and clear it up using two documents of pretty good authority. I wish I could say I had talked to the head of the parachrom department at Rolex but I haven’t. The parachrom hairspring didn’t really start […]