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Do you need another watch?

Probablly not, but I bet you want one. Our friends at watch site are currently running a contest until April 2nd where you can win an Omega Speedmaster Date (retail $2,980) simply by: 1)signing up to their site, 2) visiting this forum, and 3) starting a new discussion topic which includes a photo of […]

All That Glitters…

An interesting thread of comments sprouted over the weekend on this post, which made reference to the types of plating used on Omega movements. Click here to join in the discussion. I have made arrangements with a fellow watchmaker to subject some old-stock Omega bridges to a standard jeweler’s gold test later in the week and […]

Omega Calibre 321 and “The Good Old Days”

I had the pleasure of getting a look under the hood of Omega’s vintage chronograph calibre 321 for the first time this week and was duly impressed. Predecessor to the now classic calibre 861, which earned its place in the history books as the movement which ran in the famed “First Watch Worn on the […]

AWCI Convention

I just spent 4 days talking watches from 7am to 11pm. It was fantastic! It was the first time I had attended the AWCI Convention and it was even better than I had expected. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by professional watchmakers (and clockmakers) who work in magnificent situations. Even before going to […]

Anti-reflective coating

On occasion I hear someone ask why Rolex doesn’t use anti-reflective coating on their watch crystals. This Ladies Constellation is a good example why not. Click on the image to enlarge it and take a look. The haziness and scratches in the crystal are a result of ordinary wear to the anti-reflective coating on the […]

Gravity Free Watchmaking

I have to get me one of those gravity free benches. Do you think I could get some trade accounts if I set up shop on the International Space Station? It would appear to result in less Floorology.

Watchmakers Wanted

Not sure where this ad is running, or who it is supposed to appeal to, but it looks like Swatch Group is in need of experienced watchmakers. I guess the six per year they are graduating from the Nicholas G. Hayek School of Watchmaking isn’t enough. I saw the ad on the Swiss Watch Boutique