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I have taken the time to write about the American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute’s Watchmaker Certification for the 21st Century but not about the organization itself. I guess it could be because I didn’t know a whole lot myself. Having just returned from their annual convention I feel I know a bit more about the organization. […]

AWCI Convention

I just spent 4 days talking watches from 7am to 11pm. It was fantastic! It was the first time I had attended the AWCI Convention and it was even better than I had expected. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by professional watchmakers (and clockmakers) who work in magnificent situations. Even before going to […]

Gravity Free Watchmaking

I have to get me one of those gravity free benches. Do you think I could get some trade accounts if I set up shop on the International Space Station? It would appear to result in less Floorology.