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RODICO Premium

Another one of those great freebies I walked away from the AWCI Convention with was some of Bergeon’s new and “improved” RODICO Premium. For those of you who don’t know; Rodico is a cleaning product designed specifically for watchmaking. There are 3 main varieties of this product. They are similar in nature to the sticky […]

Bergeon’s New Oiler

I got lots of great SWAG (Stuff We All Get) at the AWCI Convention. One of the little things I brought home was one of Bergeon’s new oilers. These new oilers cost about $25 each whereas the old oilers cost about $3. So what makes them so much better? The old oilers don’t work properly […]

New Bergeon Tool Catalog

Bergeon showed some new fancy tools for watchmakers at Basel this year. I haven’t had a chance to actually play with any of them, hopefully I’ll get the chance before too long. For now here is the catalog of new tools but don’t forget your pocket book, these tools don’t come cheap. Here is the […]

Tuesday Tools – Pin Vises

One of the things about watches is they are tiny. When you need to hold a component firmly (more firmly than you can with tweezers) you often use a pin vise. The most common thing I use pin vises for is to hold a stem when I remove or install a crown, or for shortening […]