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I’m not just a watchmaker. I love watches too. I try not to dwell on them too much here because if you check out the blogroll there are plenty of people blogging about every new watch that hits the market. I do however want to spend today writing about watch catalogs. As a watchmaker I […]

What happens to my watch when it is serviced?

So you decided to get your watch serviced, but you were shocked by the price. Let’s talk about what you get for the price. When a professional watchmaker services your watch his job is to bring it to like new condition — This isn’t always possible but we try our best. What you say? Not […]

Should I run my chronograph all the time?

Monday Myth Running my chronograph all the time will cause it to wear out sooner. Is this true? Short Answer: No There are many different kinds of chronographs: Quartz, Mechanical, Two function, Three function, Column Wheel, Cam, Sliding Clutch, Vertical Clutch, integrated, modular. What do they have in common? For all of them the answer […]

Five films from Rolex

While visiting the “Timezone Rolex forum they mentioned five new videos on the Rolex web page. They are pretty neat short films about what goes into constructing a Rolex (sort-of). They cover the following topics: The Movement The parachrom hairspring Everose Gold Ceramic Bezels 904L steel To watch the videos visit their web page at […]

Watch Maker? or Watch Repairer?

Some days I feel like a watch repairer or a watch technician. Other days I feel like a real watchmaker. Today was a watchmaker day! Today I worked on a Rolex Caliber 1400. It is a small movement. As you can see from the picture it is smaller than a dime, but it isn’t the […]

Inequality for Women in Watches

The world of mechanical watches has exploded in the last 10 years. Quartz was supposed to kill the mechanical watch, but as it turns out, people love fine craftsmanship, and as it turns out, it is easier to showcase that craftsmanship when it isn’t hiding underneath a circuit board. But who buys these watches? It […]

Certified Watchmaker

When I graduated from the Lititz Watch Technicum, I left with an LWT Diploma, a WOSTEP certificate, and the title of AWCI Certified Watchmaker for the 21st Century. So what do they mean? My WOSTEP Certificate means that I successfully completed 3000 hours of coursework approved by the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program […]

Basel World Predictions

I’m going to put myself out on a limb and make some predictions for Basel World 2008. I don’t have any insider information, this is kind of what I’m hoping for and I think is plausible. I work with Rolexes on a daily basis, and I am a big fan. I went to watchmaking school […]

Watchmaking Injustice

Today one of my colleagues asked me what my favorite watch is. For now I really like the A. Lange & Sohne Double Split Chronograph. It is just a very beautiful watch. Trouble is I can’t afford it and probably never will being a watchmaker. Here comes the injustice part. All day long I spend […]