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It is really amazing how many files I have for how little I use them. Per request I am going to discuss the files I use as a watchmaker. On a regular basis I use my 8″ No. 2 Cut file and one or two of my escapement files, the rest sit in my drawer. […]

Should I run my chronograph all the time?

Monday Myth Running my chronograph all the time will cause it to wear out sooner. Is this true? Short Answer: No There are many different kinds of chronographs: Quartz, Mechanical, Two function, Three function, Column Wheel, Cam, Sliding Clutch, Vertical Clutch, integrated, modular. What do they have in common? For all of them the answer […]

Spring bars

Spring bars are those little metal springy bars that connect a watch bracelet or strap to the case. They can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to about $50 for 18K gold ones, but they are really important. Good quality spring bars keep your watch from falling off your wrist and there are a […]

Keeping track of screws

Most the time when I work on a watch, I don’t worry about how to put them back together. As I disassemble the watch I examine each component for faults as well as to understand its function. Usually this is enough for me to get it back together. If I understand what the parts are […]

Monday Myths – the battery

As long as I am aware of myths which need to be dispelled I will do so on Mondays. “If I pull out the crown on my watch will the battery last longer?” – I can’t tell you how often I hear that. Well I’m here to clear up the myth. The short answer is […]

Watches For Women

J. Peter – Here is my wife’s follow up to my review of Saphir. My husband asked me to check out Saphir, a new watch magazine for women. Saphir brings the worlds of watches and women’s fashion together in an interesting way. It includes articles on the latest fashion trends (and what watches go along […]

Copyright 1893 – Watch Puzzler

This dial was in a junk pile at work and I think it’s really interesting. It took me a lot of thought to figure out what all the numbers in the center are for. Any guesses? The only prize is pride. If you know, or even if you don’t take a guess. Post your guesses […]

Saphir – Watch Magazine for Women

Not too long ago I wrote about how women just don’t get the attention that men do from the watch industry. Well here’s a little update. This week at work we received a copy of Saphir: The luxury Magazine of Fine Timepieces, Jewelry and Fashion. It’s a magazine from the people at WatchTime and as […]

Happy Leap Day!

It only comes once every 4 years. Enjoy your perpetual calendars, should you have any.

Five films from Rolex

While visiting the “Timezone Rolex forum they mentioned five new videos on the Rolex web page. They are pretty neat short films about what goes into constructing a Rolex (sort-of). They cover the following topics: The Movement The parachrom hairspring Everose Gold Ceramic Bezels 904L steel To watch the videos visit their web page at […]