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Tuesday Tools – Case Opener Update

A while ago I wrote about all of my case openers and I mentioned a little sticky ball available online fairly inexpensively which is supposed to be able to open most screw back watch cases. Here is the follow-up: I finally got the magic case opening ball today and it was well, a big disappointment. […]

Alcohol Lamp & Pallet Warmer

This is one of those tools that when my co-workers (not watchmakers) see me using it they always ask what I am doing. It’s an alcohol lamp and a pallet warmer. So, what do I do with it? Burn alcohol and warm pallets, duh! Just kidding. Many adjustable parts in watches (like most jewels) are […]


It is really amazing how many files I have for how little I use them. Per request I am going to discuss the files I use as a watchmaker. On a regular basis I use my 8″ No. 2 Cut file and one or two of my escapement files, the rest sit in my drawer. […]


Today for Tuesday’s Tools I talk about the tool I probably use second most to tweezers, my screwdrivers. I use the standard 9 screwdriver set from Bergeon. There are better screwdrivers out there. I would really like a set with ball bearings instead of a friction bearing but I’ll probably wait until this set wears […]

Hand Pushers

Today for Tuesday’s Tools I present to you my hand pushers. They are very simple tools, but frankly you really need to have good ones. Hand pushers are used for installing hands on a watch. Well made hand pushers will keep you from marking the hands when you install them. This set are Rolex 2089. […]

All stones are not created equal.

It’s tuesday and time for Tuesday’s Tools. This week I’ll talk about stones; sharpening stones to be specific. When I was a boy I remember my father having a nice oil stone in his toolbox in a leather pouch which he used to sharpen his tools, and he would let me use if for my […]

Case Openers

Today for Tuesday’s Tools I’ll focus on case tools. These are the tools we use to open and close watch cases. There are many different kinds of case tools. They range from a simple knife to complex steering wheel devices. First, these are the big guns. In the middle is the Rolex 1019, the best […]