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It is really amazing how many files I have for how little I use them. Per request I am going to discuss the files I use as a watchmaker. On a regular basis I use my 8″ No. 2 Cut file and one or two of my escapement files, the rest sit in my drawer. […]

Mainspring Winders

On this Super Tuesday edition of Tuesday Tools I focus on mainspring winders. Why does a watchmaker need mainspring winders, if we always replace the mainspring when we service it? Occasionally when you receive a new mainspring from a supply house it is wound too large to simply “shoot” it into the barrel. When this […]

Measuring Tools

I have three measuring tools I use on a regular basis. I use them for all kinds of things. I use them to measure parts dimensions to order replacement parts, I use them for measuring the width between lugs to fit new springbars. My favorite thing is to use them for making new parts, but […]

Watch Parts

I was reading in my January Horological Tiimes today about workshop organization and parts inventory management. I have seen some very cluttered watchmaker workshops. Often the watchmaker’s bench is completely covered with old parts and movements except for the 10 – 16 square inches directly in front of them where they work on their current […]

A Watchmaker’s Tools

A watchmaker has lots of nifty tools and we are very attached to them. I acquired mine while I attended the Lititz Watch Technicum. I (like most watchmakers) don’t really like it when co-workers pick them up or use them. You see when your livelyhood depends on these little tools and you use them 8 […]