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October 10th (10.10) is Synchronize Watches Day. Why October 10th you ask? Have you ever noticed what time it is in nearly all watch ads? It’s 10:10. It makes for a symmetrical photo and gives the illusion that the watch is smiling. A few brands reject this principle however. Lange & Sohne notoriously photographs their watches at 1:51. In honor of their backward convention Sychnronize Watches Day should be celebrated by synchronizing your watch with a standard source on 10/10 at 13:51. Fill the day with merriment by suggesting you “synchronize watches” whenever someone says they want to meet you somewhere or do something together, that way you won’t miss each other.

For a standardized time source try the following:

  • Official U.S. Time
  • Time and
  • A Radio Controlled Quartz Clock receiving a signal from an atomic clock.
  • A GPS Unit or GPS enabled device.

If you know of other internet sources for standard time, perhaps the one in your country. Let me know.

For an e-mail reminder of Synchronize Watches Day send an e-mail to with REMINDER in the subject line.

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