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Category Archives: Rolex

Barrel Arbor Endshake

I know that after I danced Gangnem Style in the last video you thought this was going to be the “Harlem Shake” but it isn’t. Endshake is the amount of play that an arbor has along its axis between the two bearing surfaces. On the 3130 Rolex specifies an endshake of 0.01mm to 0.03mm for […]

When you have a flat tire, stop and change it.

“Why might I be writing about automobile problems?”, you ask. Well, its an analogy. We draw incredibly incorrect analogies between cars and watches all the time when it comes to service. We do it to prove a point, your watch needs to be serviced regularly even if the reasons are in fact quite different than […]

Fewer watchmakers in the world

St. Paul Technical College has announced the end of their watchmaking program: Why time has run out for Saint Paul College’s Watchmaking Program Apparently details are murky but it seems to me it is a simple matter of economics. Rolex has pulled their funding in support of other schools. Those who wish to fault Rolex […]

A Simple Jig for Refinishing Rolex Yacht-Master Bezels

When it comes to servicing fine timepieces, there is nothing that delights a client more than receiving their freshly serviced timepiece back looking and operating as new as the day they bought it. One of the multitude of characteristics that make Rolexes so desirable is the attention to detail that the company invests in making […]

Oklahoma State University’s Calibre 23-11

Some really neat projects are starting to pop up at Rolex backed watchmaking schools in the States, which include Lititz, OSU, and NSCC. One of the most notable I’ve seen recently is Oklahoma State University’s Calibre 23-11, which is a faculty designed ebauche (rough watch movement) that is finished and assembled by each of the […]

Rolex 6062

Here’s a treat for all of you. I haven’t written anything of significant value in quite a while. One of Rolex’s most complicated watches, historically was a Triple Date Moonphase Reference 6062. It’s beautifully executed and the mechanism is simple enough it could be easily manufactured to Rolex’s high standards of quality today. When the […]

Very few things in life are Random

That’s right, very few things in life are truly random. Random means “lacking any definite plan, order, or purpose.” Even if you go to and generate a random number it won’t truly be random. It may appear random but it is derived using a formula and is in fact quite calculated, but for most […]

Keep that Watch Clean

I keep coming back to this topic, because it is one that I see nearly every day. You should really keep your watches clean. Besides, the fact that a watch full of body cheese is disgusting, it also causes your watch bracelet to wear out prematurely (I touched on this in A clean watch lasts […]

Basel World Predictions

It’s that time again! Basel World is March 18-25th, 2010. This is where all the major brands (except Richemont brands) announce the newest and greatest for the watch world. I’ve made it a habit to make a few predictions about what Rolex will release. First a disclaimer: I do not have any knowledge of what […]

Win a 2010 Rolex Calendar

Some of our most popular posts here on the blog have to do with watchmaking schools, of which there are very few left in the world. We have done our best to cover what we do know about watchmaking schools and related courses, but we can’t cover all of the bases. So, if you are […]