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Category Archives: watches

The George Daniels Co-Axial Escapement

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute has begun releasing historical videos and lectures on their youtube channel. The latest is a lecture by George Daniels presented at the 30th Anniversary of AWI in 1990.

Apple Watch

You probably heard. Today Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the coming of the Apple Watch and I am incredibly excited. You can learn more about this game changing product by visiting Even as a watchmaker who loves all things mechanical I am extremely attracted to this watch. I think that Apple once again has […]

Tourbillon Model

What students at the Lititz Watch Technicum have been up to: I wish I had made one of these. I love this stuff.

Timekeepers – A Documentary

The gentlemen in the video below are looking to make a documentary which will encourage people to take an interest in something very dear to me: timekeeping, horology, and watchmakers and clockmakers. I hope you will watch the video, click on the link and help them make this documentary happen. Many of you have been […]

Barrel Arbor Endshake

I know that after I danced Gangnem Style in the last video you thought this was going to be the “Harlem Shake” but it isn’t. Endshake is the amount of play that an arbor has along its axis between the two bearing surfaces. On the 3130 Rolex specifies an endshake of 0.01mm to 0.03mm for […]

The small things

At the tip of every balance wheel pivot sits a little flat ruby jewel called a cap jewel. It’s role is integral in the capped system for reducing friction on balance pivots. When the watch is dial up or dial down the rounded tip of the balance wheel rests on the cap jewel, instead of […]

Come in a little closer . . .

As a watchmaker we have to examine every part of every watch to check for defects. The smallest imperfection in a watch can make a big problem. If you click on the picture you can see it closer up. This image is taken at 140 power magnification. It may seem like a very small amount […]

What’s wrong with it? Contest!

All the clues you need are here and in the picture. (Feel free to click on it for a larger view) This watch is a Rolex caliber 3135 with low amplitude. What is the problem? And specifically what caused it? What is the fix? I will send a $5.00 giftcard for the Store to […]

When you have a flat tire, stop and change it.

“Why might I be writing about automobile problems?”, you ask. Well, its an analogy. We draw incredibly incorrect analogies between cars and watches all the time when it comes to service. We do it to prove a point, your watch needs to be serviced regularly even if the reasons are in fact quite different than […]

The highest quality money can buy.

Today I was working on a nice vintage watch made by Invicta (similar to the one on the left). It is an automatic with date. The dial is proudly marked 41 Jewels. Now, with 41 jewels you expect this to be a really nice movement jeweled all the way to the barrel. Maybe the barrel […]