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Category Archives: Tuesday Tools

Tuesday Tools – Computer

Clearly, I spend way too much time on the computer every day, but it is a very useful tool. Let me tell you some of the ways I use this tool. My computer is a communication device. When I encounter problems at the bench, I use my computer to learn from other watchmakers. I belong […]

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The staking set has 1,000 uses, or so I have been told. The staking set is a collection of punches (stakes), anvils, and cutters which are used in combination with their base. The base has a rotating set of round holes and can also accept the anvils and stakes. The headstock lines up perfectly with […]

What is it?

At a recent gathering of watchmakers we encouraged all to bring a tool they just weren’t sure about. This one managed to stump all of us. The box is labeled “Jeu Arbres Lisses 1re qualite” which as best I can tell means a set of straight shafts or arbors of first quality, But my French […]

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We have mentioned barrel closers quite a bit here on Tick Talk recently. J.Peter first made reference to his set in a post exactly one year ago this week, it came up again in his post on simple tools, and we gave a set away to one lucky commentator back in February. One thing we […]

A Custom Set of Movement Holders

I have a special treat for Tuesday Tools this week. Last week marked the final week of work in the shop for one of our best watchmakers, as he prepares to move on to bigger and broader endeavours in the world of horology. After shaking his hand and wishing him all the best as we […]

Kif Shock-system Model

I just acquired this fantastic toy! Well, to me it’s a toy. In reality it is a fully functional model of the Kif shock-resistant balance protection system. I love just playing with it. I talked about Shock Resistance before and highlighted a video as well. I suspect this little model was used as a sales […]

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J. Edwards wrote about an Archaic Spin on the Demagnetizer and it made me realize I had never discussed a de-magnetizer as one of my tools, despite having discussed Magnetism and having a discussion about de-magnetizers in the comments. A rough synopsis on magnetism: (feel free to read the original post for more information on […]

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By request I give you some of the simple tools I have fashioned myself. I’m kind of a spoiled watchmaker because I had to buy lots of really nice tools when I started school. Because of that I haven’t had to improvise a lot of tools but here are some of what I have: Toothpick […]

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Quite some time ago I wrote about a watchmaker’s tools. It was a post which started my series of Tuesday’s Tools posts. The gist is that my tools are like an extension of my body. This week I have re-discovered how true this really is. I had to switch to a new oiler and this […]

Pivot gauge lovin!

I finally took my first WOSTEP exam last week and I’m glad to report that I made it through.  I successfully finished it with a little bit of warpage after heat treatment but it was complete by the end of the day.  The results are still unknown because they’ll be going to Switzerland for grading.  […]