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Category Archives: Tuesday Tools

Tuesday Tools – Screwdriver Sharperner

I’ve talked about screwdrivers before and I’ve talked about sharpening stones. Today we’re going to put the two together. I recently received this beautiful screwdriver sharpener from a fine gentleman named John at VersaLab. This company isn’t known for their watchmaking tools but they have done a great job on this one. Before examining the […]

Tuesday Tools – What is it?

Ok, this time I didn’t put any clues in the filename, but you probably won’t need it. What is it?

Tuesday Tools – What is it?

It has been a while since we’ve done Tuesday Tools but since I now have a garage full of new tools we’ll kick things off a day late with a “What is it?” Segment. Take a good look at the picture below. (Click on it for more detail) What is it? And how would one […]

A Watchmaker’s Estate

I recently acquired the estate of a deceased watchmaker. The estate came with a nice Boley lathe with a pretty nice set of collets. At long last I have a lathe at home, now if only I can find time to use it. I didn’t even have to buy a Chinese lathe. It also came […]

Tuesday Tools – Spring bar Tweezers

Do you ever see a tool in the catalog that just looks gimmicky? I do, all the time. I say to myself, “that tool looks cool, but nobody really needs that.” So, for years I’ve resisted buying these fancy Spring Bar Tweezers from Rolex but the die has been cast and I was required to […]

Screwdriver Update

I’ve been meaning to write an update on screwdrivers for a while now, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Lakextrand asked for an update, so here it is: Way back in 2008 I got my hands on Bergeon’s new screwdrivers and wrote a little review. Well lets update the review. I’ve downgraded the […]

Tuesday Tools Update

I want to start off by giving Dushan a great big thanks for helping out with some of the more unusual Tuesday Tools we have had. He recently commented on two past articles: What is it? and This is what it is and provided some additional photos of items. The first one isthe arbres lisses. […]

Essential Tools for a Watchmaker

First, a reminder that this site is intended to promote the pursuit of watchmaking as a career. This list of tools is therefore intended to represent the typical tools a professional watchmaker would need to work professionally in a watch repair shop. The list includes only personal hand tools and ignores shop equipment, like a […]

AF Bezel Remover a Disappointment

Aimeri’s recent post on distance education sprouted a lengthy conversation that eventually touched on the subject of tools, with several of our readers requesting more information on what tools are worth investing in and what tools aren’t. We’ve covered most of the basics, tool-wise, here on the blog already. If you weren’t aware of it, […]

Loupe or Optvisor

DISCLAIMER: I do realize that this is a mater of personal choice more than anything else, and my intention with this post is not to stir the pot, but to find out what you experienced guys out there use on your day-to-day job. I was doing some research, and somebody suggested that for actual work, […]