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Category Archives: monday myths

Watch careers on the way out?

Friday yahoo declared that watch careers were on the way out: 9 Careers on the way out. They attribute this to cell phone use displacing watch consumers. Too bad the Swiss watch industry exported 26 Million watches in 2008 (the most ever) totaling 17 Billion Swiss Francs, a 7% increase over the previous year. (See […]

Myth Bust Confirmed

Last week I mentioned that I would carry out some tests with a fellow watchmaker to confirm whether or not the rose-coloured plating on vintage Omega watches contained any gold, as a follow up to a discussion that sprouted off of this post on the Omega 321. Following are the results from the samples we tested. J.Peter made […]

All That Glitters…

An interesting thread of comments sprouted over the weekend on this post, which made reference to the types of plating used on Omega movements. Click here to join in the discussion. I have made arrangements with a fellow watchmaker to subject some old-stock Omega bridges to a standard jeweler’s gold test later in the week and […]

Monday Myth – Watch Winders

In response to a question I received from Thomas Sharples, I’m going to take the time to talk about watch winders. If you are familiar with automatic wristwatches you know that if you don’t wear them for a couple of days they come to a stop. This isn’t a big deal if your watch only […]

Rolex Parachrom Hairspring

It seems there is a lot of mystery surrounding this innovation made by Rolex so I will try and clear it up using two documents of pretty good authority. I wish I could say I had talked to the head of the parachrom department at Rolex but I haven’t. The parachrom hairspring didn’t really start […]

Tick Talk has moved

Thanks to the generous contributions of my readers I am able to move my blog to a self-hosted domain. Why am I doing this? It gives me more control over my blog content and it allows me to put some advertising on my blog – creating more revenue to improve content. Your generous contributions have […]

Should I run my chronograph all the time?

Monday Myth Running my chronograph all the time will cause it to wear out sooner. Is this true? Short Answer: No There are many different kinds of chronographs: Quartz, Mechanical, Two function, Three function, Column Wheel, Cam, Sliding Clutch, Vertical Clutch, integrated, modular. What do they have in common? For all of them the answer […]

Monday Myths – the battery

As long as I am aware of myths which need to be dispelled I will do so on Mondays. “If I pull out the crown on my watch will the battery last longer?” – I can’t tell you how often I hear that. Well I’m here to clear up the myth. The short answer is […]