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Category Archives: Book Review

Andy & the Automaton

In my quest to learn more about Automata I had a wonderful weekend thank you to Andrew Baron. I first learned about Andrew Baron a few weeks ago when I learned about his presentation for the Midwest Watch and Clockmakers Association which will be this Friday and Saturday May 4th and 5th. (Having seen a […]

I wrote a book!

That’s right. I haven’t been contributing much here on my blog because I have been working hard to compile data for my first book. It isn’t a great read but it is an extremely handy reference for anyone who does watch repair on a professional basis. The book is Electrical Test Values for Quartz Watches […]

Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking

A while ago J. Edwards let us know about a Wall Street Journal preview of the Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking by Michael Clerizo. Having read the book I thought I would review it here. As the title suggests Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking is more about the people who make the watches than it is about […]

The Gruen Horological Text

A Course in Wristwatch Repair The Gruen Horological Text and Technical Bulletins. Compiled by Mike Barnett, 105 pages, black and white illustrations. The Gruen Horological Text was really a joy to read. As a young watchmaker who has been exposed mostly to modern repair techniques, I found it reassuring to know that fundamentals of watchmaking […]

Gear Cutting on the Lathe

Gear Cutting on the Lathe by Laurie Penman. Third Edition, 2006. 85 pgs. Written primarily for clockmakers, this book goes into excellent detail covering everything you will need to know to cut gears for clocks. The principles for cutting wheels for watchmaking are similar, but performed on a smaller scale. Mr. Penman details every step […]

The History of Watches

The History of Watches by David Thompson 175 pages Hardcover with full color photographs, Abbeville Press 2008 Showcases the incomparable collection of watches at the British Museum Includes bibliographical references, index, and glossary. My father-in-law is the kind of person who, when he is at a museum, reads every plaque about every artifact. If you […]