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Author Archives: Tony

Still going, and going, and going..

Hi all, sorry for the extreme lack of updates but school has been very busy as of late.  If I recall, the last time I posted I was still working on winding stems.  Well I’ve taken the WOSTEP exams for the winding stem and pivot gauge and proud to say that I’ve passed them! Well, […]

Pivot gauge lovin!

I finally took my first WOSTEP exam last week and I’m glad to report that I made it through.  I successfully finished it with a little bit of warpage after heat treatment but it was complete by the end of the day.  The results are still unknown because they’ll be going to Switzerland for grading.  […]

A little update…

It’s been awhile since I last posted and things are still going well at LWT.  Since our holiday break, we’ve been working on winding stems nonstop.  I believe we’ve been at it for about 3 weeks so far and one more final week.  Next week will be our WOSTEP winding stem exam. When making a […]


The class of 2010 will be part of the new SAWTA program.  SAWTA stands for Swiss American Watchmakers Alliance.  SAWTA is owned by Rolex and the purpose of this is to train highly qualified watchmakers.  The current curriculum through WOSTEP is good but it limits watchmakers to certain extents.  SAWTA works in partner with WOSTEP […]

ETA 6497

This week I took apart and assembled my very first watch! It was a very exciting and humbling experience.  Our training movement was the solid ETA 6497 pocket watch movement.  It’s rather large and pretty much bullet proof according to my teacher.  The 6497 is perfect for training because it’s strong, can withstand amateurs like […]

Heat Treatment

There are a lot of things that I don’t know about watches but I never knew heat would be part of it.  I’ve had friends ask me, “what’s there to learn at watchmaking school?”  or “what possibly do you need to be trained on?” I silently laugh to myself and think, more than I’ll ever […]

The bread & butter of Micromechanics.

So I’ve finally been introduced to the lathe.  It was a long month of solid filing and sawing which gets tedious to be honest.  We just finished our second week with the lathe and I must say, I really like this thing!  It’s quite simple to use actually but setting the geometry of the cutter […]


About a month has gone by and school is going by wonderfully.  We’re still in the filing stage and it’s been quite tedious to be honest.  So far our projects have been the Anvil/Pusher Holder, Balance Tack, Movement Holder, and bracelet links.  It’s funny because the Anvil/Pusher holder is the only one that has been […]


So I finished my first week of classes and almost done with my second.  It’s been a whirlwind of information that’s still processing through my head.  Last Monday, I had no clue how to file properly!  Our first project was an Anvil/Pusher Holder.  This project pretty much teaches us the basics of what’s to come […]

On A Journey To Become A Watchmaker..

My name is Tony and I have officially started my journey to become a professional watchmaker.  I’ve become a contributor to this blog because I was accepted into the Lititz Watch Technicum just like J. Peter.  This will be my first blog ever, and I’m not quite sure how this goes but I’ll try my […]