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Author Archives: J.Edwards

Stem Extraction

Magnetism is typically the arch-nemesis of a mechanical watch. However, there are times that a powerful magnet can prove valuable in a watchmaker’s work. Here’s a quick timesaving tip that employs a strong, neodymium magnet to extract a broken fragment of a winding stem, from an otherwise perfectly functional watch, without needing to take any […]

A Quick Fit

The gasket system used by Rolex to seal their sapphire crystal (the “glass” that protects the dial and hands) to the watch’s case, is one of the best in the industry. I have yet to encounter a better engineered, more reliable, or impermeable system than the one they employ on their Oyster cases. In an […]

Another Slice of History

Here’s another interesting page out of the annals of horological history in North America. The following is a price list for “Watch Repairs To The Trade” that I came across not too long ago, in a box of old watch movements and watch literature from the 1950s, at an estate sale. While I can’t say […]

How Jewel Bearings for Watches are Made

Ever since John Harrison first used them in his H4 pocket watch, to defeat the longitude problem, jewel bearings have played a pivotal role in the precision of nearly every serious watch or chronometer produced since. They are now so ubiquitous and commonplace that most watchmakers take them for granted. We shouldn’t. The time and […]

5 Fun Stocking Stuffers for Watchmakers

In past year’s I’ve compiled lists of usually useful – and sometimes unusually useful – tools for watchmakers that can fit in a stocking. For this year’s list, I’ve opted to have a little bit of fun and compiled a short list of out of the ordinary items we’re not as likely to use at […]

A Handy Tip for Letting Down the Power on a 7750

Here’s a handy tip for letting down the power in the mainspring of an ETA or Valjoux 7750, without the hassle of disassembling the automatic section, achieved by lifting the click spring out of its seating and disengaging the reverser stop click. Check out the video below for a breakdown of the steps involved. Via […]

George Daniels’ Autobiography Back in Bookstores

It has been a historic month for watch auctions. A Rolex Single Red, Sea-Dweller prototype sold yesterday at Antiquorum for half a million dollars (yes, that is a time only, stainless steel watch). J.B. Champion’s Observatory Chronometer from Patek Philippe also sold yesterday at Christies in Geneva for nearly $4 million, as did a Perpetual […]

Another Damaged Mainplate

A few months ago we showed you a mainplate from a watch that had somehow come to be damaged through severe mishandling. Today, we’re going to show you another damaged mainplate. This time, from a modern watch calibre, whose mainplate was damaged through a combination of poor engineering, overuse, and lack of service. The mainplate […]

A Simple Fix For Improving Tool Ergonomics

One of the stranger items on last year’s list of stocking stuffers for watchmakers was a mouldable, silicone rubber known as Sugru. I mentioned then that I’ve used it to improve the ergonomics of some the tools I use. One of those tools is a hand tool designed for installing and removing pushers in Tissot’s […]

Guardians of Time & Tradition

A short interview with the highly esteemed, master watchmaker, Philippe Dufour, debuted today on TheTImeTV, detailing some of the plans that lie ahead for an initiative he has been spearheading alongside Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey of Greubel-Forsey. Their ambition with the project is simply this: to demonstrate and archive all of the necessary skills […]