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Author Archives: Jordan Ficklin

I am the owner and principal contributor of this blog. I am also the head watchmaker at Beauchamp Jewelers in Albuquerque, NM and a member of the board of directors of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute.

Tourbillon Model

What students at the Lititz Watch Technicum have been up to: I wish I had made one of these. I love this stuff.

How a Watch Works #5

How a Watch Works #4

How a Watch Works #3

How a Watch Works #2

How a Watch Works #1

Detailed view of the Hamilton Poster I featured yesterday.

From Hamilton Public Relations

A very kind woman gave me this poster this week. 31″ x 21″ Poster explaining how a watch works from the Hamilton Watch Company. I’ll be having it framed for sure!

The Last 100 Years

I recently was reading in the September 1969 edition of the AWI NEWS Bulletin when I read the following editorial from D.W. Lawrence of the Elgin National Watch Company. He spells out many of the improvements which were implemented by the watch industry from the 1920s through 1969. It’s a fun read. Click on the […]

Timekeepers – A Documentary

The gentlemen in the video below are looking to make a documentary which will encourage people to take an interest in something very dear to me: timekeeping, horology, and watchmakers and clockmakers. I hope you will watch the video, click on the link and help them make this documentary happen. Many of you have been […]

Barrel Arbor Endshake

I know that after I danced Gangnem Style in the last video you thought this was going to be the “Harlem Shake” but it isn’t. Endshake is the amount of play that an arbor has along its axis between the two bearing surfaces. On the 3130 Rolex specifies an endshake of 0.01mm to 0.03mm for […]