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Apple Watch

by Jordan Ficklin

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You probably heard. Today Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the coming of the Apple Watch and I am incredibly excited. You can learn more about this game changing product by visiting

Even as a watchmaker who loves all things mechanical I am extremely attracted to this watch. I think that Apple once again has done everything right and well sell millions of these watches. My only disappointment is that as someone who doesn’t use an iPhone I may have to invest in one in order to enjoy this watch.

First, let me say: I am going to call this a watch even if others may refer to it as wearable technology. Clearly, it is a watch. Apple has consulted with “horological” professionals from around the world and recently brought on board Patrick Pruniaux, previously of Tag Heuer, to help them with this project. It tells time, it goes on the wrist, and if you watch the movie about it they are appealing to all the things that watch enthusiasts go crazy for. They have tried to build a personal connection between the user and the watch so that it becomes a part of the individual wearing it.

As a watchmaker I have a few questions about this wonderful and amazing product:

  • Watches are worn all day and for many activities. This watch is even promoted for fitness activities and in time it will become dirty. Who will clean this watch?
    • Will you return to the Apple Store for cleaning?
    • Will you go to a jewelry store for cleaning?
    • If you go to the Apple Store who will train the Genuis Bar Technicians how to deal with this product?
    • If you go to the jewelry store who will train the jewelers and watchmakers on this product?
  • Watches become damaged.
    • Perhpas even more than iPhones watches get smashed up, scratched, and knocked around. Crowns fall off, crystals crack (yes, even Sapphire)
    • Who will perform repairs like replacing crowns or crystals (screens) on these watches?


Your customers will gain the highest quality of service if you provide basic product knowledge and parts to watchmakers to service your product. They are already well equipped with the skills and dexterity. With some basic training the american watchmaker will welcome your product to the market and help it gain its rightful place among watches instead of exiling it to the wearable technology segment.

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