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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The small things

At the tip of every balance wheel pivot sits a little flat ruby jewel called a cap jewel. It’s role is integral in the capped system for reducing friction on balance pivots. When the watch is dial up or dial down the rounded tip of the balance wheel rests on the cap jewel, instead of […]

Shock Protection

Here is another great video from Gary Biscelli and the folks at the Lititz Watch Technicum. We’ve talked about shock protection before way back in 2008 and you may recognize this model as a very similar one appears in the video below:

How Jewel Bearings for Watches are Made

Ever since John Harrison first used them in his H4 pocket watch, to defeat the longitude problem, jewel bearings have played a pivotal role in the precision of nearly every serious watch or chronometer produced since. They are now so ubiquitous and commonplace that most watchmakers take them for granted. We shouldn’t. The time and […]