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A Message from the AWCI President – November

by myazijian

November’s Horological Times 2012

As you read this column, in some parts of the country, snow has already hit the ground and you are safely within the confines of your comfortable workshops working away doing what you enjoy most. In other parts of the world, it may still be warm with near summer-like conditions. Regardless of climate, our work is always indoors; this element of our work has some pros and cons.

The short message is clear: Try to harmonize the outside elements along with the inside elements in order to have a most enjoyable workday.

Since many of our members are engaged in after sales service, also known as “repair,” we must first recognize that a good quality timepiece, with very few exceptions, worked well when it left the factory. It was designed and put together in such a way that if used under normal conditions, it would require a service and maintenance within the next prescribed amount of time, e.g. 3, 4, 5 or 7 years.

Thus, to make it functional again to factory standards, it would be safe to say factory conditions must be emulated. To undo almost all the steps the factory took to assemble the watch is indeed a rather complex and tedious task. Is a watch supposed to function well for the next five years if you keep that worn part in? Why? Did it come with a worn part from the factory? The answer, of course, is no. That part must be changed. Fresh oils must be applied to surgically-cleaned components and adjustments must be made to bring it back to specs.

As a Message to Our Readers Who Are Manufacturers of Watches and Clocks:
It would be of interest to you to know that many of our members are qualified and certified to industry standards. They are mostly independent business owners who are capable of handling the majority of complex tasks required to protect the investment you have made in your product. These independents have invested a good amount of resources into:

  • Real estate
  • Specialty tools and equipment
  • Training and certification

The product which you have made and marketed, will continue to function well into the future only if properly serviced, according to factory standards, by people who are truly passionate about this art and who care about the product, as well as the role they play as good ambassadors toward your customers – the wearer of your watch, or the owner of your clock.

One of the dangers of a company working with only one representative can easily lead to the lack competitiveness. The absence of competition can usually result in a deterioration of the quality of workmanship, not to mention long delays by one representative who is trying to “eat it all.” The client should have his/her watch back on their wrist as soon as possible while always adhering to factory standards. Long delays can contribute to a loss of interest in the concept of the wristwatch or the switching over onto another brand.

We at AWCI are here to help protect your investment in the good name of your product. In exchange, we would like to have the correct parts to help perform the work correctly. After all, which is easier, sending the part to the professional watchmaker who can take care of the problem at or near the client’s location, or having the watch sent back to you? Using a professional local watchmaker is also advantageous to you because it represents a minimal investment on your part.

Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below to see how AWCI can be of assistance to you.

Manuel Yazijian

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