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Monthly Archives: November 2012

George Daniels’ Autobiography Back in Bookstores

It has been a historic month for watch auctions. A Rolex Single Red, Sea-Dweller prototype sold yesterday at Antiquorum for half a million dollars (yes, that is a time only, stainless steel watch). J.B. Champion’s Observatory Chronometer from Patek Philippe also sold yesterday at Christies in Geneva for nearly $4 million, as did a Perpetual […]

Another Damaged Mainplate

A few months ago we showed you a mainplate from a watch that had somehow come to be damaged through severe mishandling. Today, we’re going to show you another damaged mainplate. This time, from a modern watch calibre, whose mainplate was damaged through a combination of poor engineering, overuse, and lack of service. The mainplate […]

Come in a little closer . . .

As a watchmaker we have to examine every part of every watch to check for defects. The smallest imperfection in a watch can make a big problem. If you click on the picture you can see it closer up. This image is taken at 140 power magnification. It may seem like a very small amount […]

Whoa! That’s a bit tight

Dear Sir or Madam who last worked on that beautiful Hamilton 992b that was on my bench today. I think you may have tightened down the crown wheel screw a bit too tight. That is a 1.60 mm screwdriver blade that completely cracked in my efforts to remove the screw. It broke after having soaked […]

A Message from the AWCI President – November

November’s Horological Times 2012 As you read this column, in some parts of the country, snow has already hit the ground and you are safely within the confines of your comfortable workshops working away doing what you enjoy most. In other parts of the world, it may still be warm with near summer-like conditions. Regardless […]