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Tweezers for Precious Bridges

by Jordan Ficklin

What kind of tweezers do you use when handling the bridges of watches that cost $500,000 and more? If you are Stephen Forsey you use Dumont Tweezers with Boxwood Tips. I recently sat down with Mr. Forsey at the AWCI Convention. One of the questions I asked him was about his favorite pair of tweezers. He said some of his favorites are boxwood tweezers. I had never heard of such a thing, but now I have them. If they are good enough for Stephen Forsey, they are good enough for me!

Dumont Tweezers with Aluminum Handles and Boxwood tips, available from Jules Borel.

I don’t handle too many watches like those Stephen Forsey makes (or any at all) but there are still times when I want to be sure I don’t scratch something but I still need a really good grip. The boxwood tips provide both of that. Excellent for hands. They are even better than Delrin tips.

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