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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Watchmaker or Tinkerer?

When you are a watchmaker everyone thinks you are a tinkerer. Inevitably I get asked if I repair clocks, or music boxes, or automata, or any sundry of other odds and ends. In fact I’m a good repairman when it comes to most things because I can figure out how things work and that is […]

Tweezers for Precious Bridges

What kind of tweezers do you use when handling the bridges of watches that cost $500,000 and more? If you are Stephen Forsey you use Dumont Tweezers with Boxwood Tips. I recently sat down with Mr. Forsey at the AWCI Convention. One of the questions I asked him was about his favorite pair of tweezers. […]

A Message from AWCI President – September

September’s Horological Times 2012 I would like to thank all the AWCI members who voted for me for the position of Director on the AWCI Board. I would also like to thank the members of the Board of Directors who entrusted me with the position of president of AWCI. I am looking forward to working […]