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The highest quality money can buy.

by Jordan Ficklin

Today I was working on a nice vintage watch made by Invicta (similar to the one on the left). It is an automatic with date. The dial is proudly marked 41 Jewels. Now, with 41 jewels you expect this to be a really nice movement jeweled all the way to the barrel. Maybe the barrel itself is even jeweled. Your standard automatic has around 25 jewels. A really nice automatic might have 31 jewels, but 41 jewels! That must be a nice watch.

Inside the watch has the A. Schild Caliber 1702/1 with 25 jewels and . . .

This driving wheel for the barrel with 16 ruby jewels. Not one of these jewels even protrudes from the wheel far enough to contact anything. Completely useless! Now that’s quality!

The thing is, it really is a decent watch, even with only 25 useful jewels. They should have just labeled it 25 jewels.

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