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You broke what?

by Jordan Ficklin

So, as a watchmaker you get to see all kinds of strange stuff. Lots of odd stuff is the result of previous watchmakers, but this one, I think, is not. I do have to wonder how this happens. Look closely at the photo. The mainplate is broken. The pilot hole for the stem is tilted and has separated from the rest of the mainplate. I don’t know how that happens. I considered taking this mainplate to the laser welder to weld it back together, but given that the original mainplate is available . . . I ordered a new mainplate.

Somebody must have torqued that crown really hard to break the mainplate! Oh, well, I will fix it. The black line shows the axis on which the setting wheel post should lie. The red line shows the axis on which it does lie. The circle emphasizes the point where the break occurred.

All the customer knew was that the watch would not wind or set. Well, of course not with gears tilted at funny angles and a stem that will wobble excessively these functions are not going to work as intended.

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