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How long does it take to set down your tweezers?

by Jordan Ficklin

I’ve said it before, but every time I see this kind of stuff it really bugs me. In this particular watch this isn’t even the worst of it. I’ll have to get a new mainplate because of the spurious repair decisions made by past “watchmakers.”

Any of you who work on watches will instantly recognize this part and know what caliber it comes from. A spring clip holds the oscillating weight in place right in that little recess. I can surmise that this watch has been serviced at least 4 times in the past (assuming they scratched the bridge removing AND installing the clip.)

How long does it take to set down your tweezers and pick up a piece of peg wood or an acrylic stick to remove the spring clip? Just do it! It is an injustice and disservice to your customer to damage the bridge in this manner. Yes, your customer will never see it, unless I photograph it and put it up on my blog, but it is the responsible and professional way to do this. Please, take the time to do this the right way!

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