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Guardians of Time & Tradition

by J.Edwards

A short interview with the highly esteemed, master watchmaker, Philippe Dufour, debuted today on TheTImeTV, detailing some of the plans that lie ahead for an initiative he has been spearheading alongside Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey of Greubel-Forsey.

Their ambition with the project is simply this: to demonstrate and archive all of the necessary skills required to make a high quality, mechanical watch, from conception through to execution.

A little over a year ago, the team selected Michel Boulanger, a professor at the Paris School of Horology, to assist them with the project. Since accepting the challenge, Michel has been busy at work designing and developing a high grade watch movement under the direction and aid of the masterful trio of watchmakers. The process has been captured on video and will be augmented with photos, text, and 3D renderings to explain each step.

A spin-off of the Time Aeon Foundation, launched in 2006, this new project is being piloted under Le Garde Temps. You can follow the birth of a watch project as it unfolds on the official website or Le Garde Temps’ Facebook page.

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