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A Watchmaker’s Estate

by Jordan Ficklin

I recently acquired the estate of a deceased watchmaker.

The estate came with a nice Boley lathe with a pretty nice set of collets. At long last I have a lathe at home, now if only I can find time to use it. I didn’t even have to buy a Chinese lathe.

It also came with a lot of other things including hundreds of parts movements, thousands of watch parts, other tools, books and much, much more.

I’m putting together a great workshop but there are many duplicates and I don’t often see a need for having 2 or 3 of something.

Also, as a young watchmaker I have a strong need to have an electronic database of the parts so I can easily locate them.

What does all of this mean? and why am I telling you this tale?

Introducing: The Watchmaking Blog Store, an ever growing on-line store of things very useful to watchmakers young and old. Take a look at it and come back later to see what I’ve added. If you need a watch part, don’t forget to look for it here. I’m sure I still have kinks to work out but the payment is secure through Paypal and shipping in the U.S. is free.

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