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Fewer watchmakers in the world

by Jordan Ficklin

St. Paul Technical College has announced the end of their watchmaking program: Why time has run out for Saint Paul College’s Watchmaking Program

Apparently details are murky but it seems to me it is a simple matter of economics. Rolex has pulled their funding in support of other schools. Those who wish to fault Rolex for this matter should ask themselves how much funding Swatch or Richemont have given watchmaking education in the U.S. outside of their own schools? Richemont for one, hires most of their graduates so, in my opinion, their school is more of an in-house training than altruistic support of the watchmaking profession.

There is an interesting critique in the comments from an apparently disgruntled ex-Rolex employee. It is an interesting read and can be found here: The Emperors New Watch. There is no doubt that Rolex has “Their way of doing things” and if you don’t conform you are in the wrong. Their way seems to work for them. Could they do more good? Yes. Are they doing more than their major competitors? Yes.

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