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Tuesday Tools – Spring bar Tweezers

by Jordan Ficklin

Do you ever see a tool in the catalog that just looks gimmicky? I do, all the time. I say to myself, “that tool looks cool, but nobody really needs that.” So, for years I’ve resisted buying these fancy Spring Bar Tweezers from Rolex but the die has been cast and I was required to buy them. They arrived this week and I used them today for the first time. They are fantastic! Everything about this tool just works right.

The overall shape of the tweezer is ideal because the wide portion will fit around the bracelet to reach the spring bar in the lugs or in the clasp. You can compress the spring bar to install the bracelet without leaving any marks on the lugs. Really, they just do what they are supposed to.

The tips are small but effective at grasping flanged spring bars.

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