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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Don’t do this

This is something I see way too often. It was common in days gone by for manufacturers to include a small semi-circular hole in the barrel lid for one to observe the mainspring and make sure that it was catching on the barrel wall (or sliding in automatics). You can properly gauge both of these […]

George Daniels Passes Away

Sadly, one of the greatest watchmakers of the 20th century, George Daniels, OBE, FBHI, FAWCI, has passed away today, at the age of 85. Born into a poor family in London just two years before the Great Depression, Daniels overcame great odds to become one of the most renowned and respected watchmakers of the past […]

Shouldn’t have done that

I see it way too often. The Rolex Sapphire crystal is hard but not indestructible. I always perform a full service on the watch when the crystal has shattered. Inevitably the customer complains. The risk of a small piece of sapphire inside the movement where it can do hundreds of dollars of damage is just […]

I wrote a book!

That’s right. I haven’t been contributing much here on my blog because I have been working hard to compile data for my first book. It isn’t a great read but it is an extremely handy reference for anyone who does watch repair on a professional basis. The book is Electrical Test Values for Quartz Watches […]

Tuesday Tools – Spring bar Tweezers

Do you ever see a tool in the catalog that just looks gimmicky? I do, all the time. I say to myself, “that tool looks cool, but nobody really needs that.” So, for years I’ve resisted buying these fancy Spring Bar Tweezers from Rolex but the die has been cast and I was required to […]

Sleep on it

After a long reprieve, I’m back and I’m going to try and write more frequently again. I’ve been working on a pretty big project for the watchmaking community (you’ll read more about it next week) but it is pretty much wrapped up for now. Sometimes a watch presents you with a terrible problem that you […]

A Primer on Making Watch Wheels

Roger W. Smith, the sole apprentice of legendary watchmaker George Daniels, has brought to life yet another gem of experience from Daniels’ masterwork Watchmaking. You may recall the series of 10 short, tutorial videos from Smith that we featured previously here on Tick Talk, which detailed the careful work involved in finishing a set of […]