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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Making Watch Hands à la Roger Smith

English watchmaker, Roger W. Smith, has posted a series of videos detailing the process he uses to create the unique set of hands that have come to define his distinctive style of watchmaking. Being the only apprentice that renowned watchmaker, George Daniels, has ever taken under his wing, this short series of how-to videos is […]

Simple Stem Removal

A short while back we shared a video tip here on the blog about how to remove the barrel arbor from a watch barrel quickly and easily. Removing the stem from a watch calibre that has just had its hands installed is another area I have seen some struggle with. One of the very first […]

Vintage Accuracy

One of the things many watchmakers struggle with is customers who want modern accuracy (or even quartz accuracy) from vintage timepieces. It seems that over the years we have forgotten what was expected of wristwatches 50 years ago. I assure you that there were some very good watches made 50 years ago, and even much […]