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Rolex 6062

by Jordan Ficklin

Here’s a treat for all of you. I haven’t written anything of significant value in quite a while.

One of Rolex’s most complicated watches, historically was a Triple Date Moonphase Reference 6062. It’s beautifully executed and the mechanism is simple enough it could be easily manufactured to Rolex’s high standards of quality today. When the 100th Anniversary of Rolex rolled around in 2005 or 2008 (depending on how you count) I hoped we would see a reissue of this watch to celebrate. Unfortunately we did not. But I have the privilege of restoring this one for a customer. It is in really good condition and just needs some TLC to get it up and running. This is the before post and I’ll follow-up with an after in a week or so.

Inside this bad-boy has Rolex caliber 655. Built on the same foundation as the 620 (bubble-back movement) it contains 3 modules. A time module, an automatic module, and a date module.

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