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Monthly Archives: February 2011


My first exposure to mechanical timepieces was a mechanical stopwatch which lay buried in the back of my father’s desk. I loved the way it felt when you started & stopped it. I loved the sound it made. At the time I had no idea I would end up working with watches but I definitely […]

Rolex 6062

Here’s a treat for all of you. I haven’t written anything of significant value in quite a while. One of Rolex’s most complicated watches, historically was a Triple Date Moonphase Reference 6062. It’s beautifully executed and the mechanism is simple enough it could be easily manufactured to Rolex’s high standards of quality today. When the […]

Laboratory Grade Clean Wipes

As watchmakers, we are continually at odds with dust and the tiny fibres that are seemingly able to defy gravity and find their way into the airspace above our benches. We wipe down our benchtops every day and strive to keep our workspaces pristine. We guard our doorways with cleanroom tacky mats and don lab […]