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Very few things in life are Random

by Jordan Ficklin

That’s right, very few things in life are truly random. Random means “lacking any definite plan, order, or purpose.” Even if you go to and generate a random number it won’t truly be random. It may appear random but it is derived using a formula and is in fact quite calculated, but for most of us seeking an unbiased choice it is good enough.

The buzz on the Internet is that some Rolex models now have an 8 digit “Serial Number” which is a mix of letters and numbers without any apparent order. I suspect and hope that there is in fact an order to these numbers. If in fact they are random, we won’t be able to call them serial numbers any more because they wont be in series, we’ll have to call them “Random Unique Identifiers.” Unfortunately, without having a database of every Rolex generated RUI it will be impossible to estimate the production date of Rolex models identified with this new system.

As I was saying, I believe that Rolex is in fact using a system to generate these numbers. I would like to prove it and be able to provide a reference to watch enthusiasts in the future. In order to “break the code” I need the help of the entire Internet Watch Loving Community. If you have a Rolex with an apparently random serial number please register it at The Rolex Registry. You can also access the registry by clicking on the Rolex tab at the top of any page on this blog. If you participate in watchmaking forums on the Internet in any language please help to spread the word. The more serial numbers I get registered the sooner we can break the code.

Since I work with Rolexes all the time whenever I encounter a Random Unique Identifier I will register it in the database as well. If you work with watches I ask you to do the same. Nobody will see the see these serial numbers except for myself and a dedicated team of mathematicians which I may employ to help me break the code.

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