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Gear Cutting on the Lathe

by Jordan Ficklin

Gear Cutting on the Lathe
by Laurie Penman. Third Edition, 2006. 85 pgs.

Written primarily for clockmakers, this book goes into excellent detail covering everything you will need to know to cut gears for clocks. The principles for cutting wheels for watchmaking are similar, but performed on a smaller scale. Mr. Penman details every step of the process, including the repair of damaged components when manufacturing a new part isn’t necessary. The book is well written and black and white illustrations are provided to give added clarity to the written instructions.

Topics covered include: the equipment you will need, identifying and choosing the different shapes of teeth, the purchase and making of cutters, different indexing devices, the preparation of the gear blanks, even the layout and depthing of gears in the creation of a new clock. Procedures are outlined for making large gears, small gears, and escape wheels. He also covers the repair of gears, including straightening bent teeth, or the replacement of teeth when only one or two teeth are damaged. He also covers the repair of lantern pinions and spring barrels.

If you need to make a wheel and have the necessary tools, this book is the next step to getting you into the shop and making or repairing wheels for clocks. If you do this already you may find some different techniques in this book which will help you to work more efficiently. Overall, Gear Cutting on the Lathe
is a good manual on gear cutting.

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    Special cutters are produced in high speed steels in a wide variety of diameters and lengths according to the application and machine

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