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Monthly Archives: March 2010


I had the good pleasure of dining with a fellow watchmaker tonight and, as one might expect, much of our conversation over the evening centered around watches. Those we admired. Those we had fixed. Difficult clients we have had. Our dream watch. That sort of thing. Later on into the evening, while flipping through Guido […]

Careful of that winding stem

I was servicing a vintage Rolex this week when the most peculiar thing happened. I had cleaned and oiled everything and I was making adjustments to the timing. One minute it had a healthy amplitude around 270 degrees but was gaining about 15 seconds a day. I took it off the timing machine adjusted the […]

Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology

As I was going through my RSS reader yesterday evening I noticed a post by the FHS announcing the online publishing of the Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology. Those of you who frequent the blog’s web page will see it has been added to the links column on the right side of the page. There […]