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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Stephen Forsey on Tourbillons

Those of our readers who are well versed in the technical extremes of watchmaking, have likely already noticed that the new masthead we added to the blog a few months ago shows off the tourbillon assembly of a pocket watch (and I bet that those of you who are really astute can even tell me […]

The Olympic Timekeeper

Normally, I’m a Rolex guy. My schooling was paid for by Rolex, I service them day in and day out, and as of this Christmas I wear one on my wrist. My personal opinion is that they are among the most robust and well-built watch among all the high-end mechanical timepieces on the market. During […]

Watch Service

I read a fantastic post on watchprosite about watch servicing, oil degradation, and damage caused to parts in watches. It is two years old, but I was fascinated and you all may want to check it out.

Keep that Watch Clean

I keep coming back to this topic, because it is one that I see nearly every day. You should really keep your watches clean. Besides, the fact that a watch full of body cheese is disgusting, it also causes your watch bracelet to wear out prematurely (I touched on this in A clean watch lasts […]


I was working on a watch this morning that was serviced by another watchmaker within the last two years. The customer complained that the watch was not winding while on the wrist. As it turns out the upper pivots on both reversing wheels and the driving wheel (the major components of the automatic winding device) […]

LWT Students & Alumni

Far and away most of the discussion on this blog has centered around watchmaking schools. It seems lots of people want to become watchmakers. Which is fantastic! For those of you looking to talk to some graduates of watchmaking school, or current students you should check out the LWT Students and Alumni page on facebook.

Watch careers on the way out?

Friday yahoo declared that watch careers were on the way out: 9 Careers on the way out. They attribute this to cell phone use displacing watch consumers. Too bad the Swiss watch industry exported 26 Million watches in 2008 (the most ever) totaling 17 Billion Swiss Francs, a 7% increase over the previous year. (See […]