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Basel World Predictions

by Jordan Ficklin

It’s that time again! Basel World is March 18-25th, 2010. This is where all the major brands (except Richemont brands) announce the newest and greatest for the watch world. I’ve made it a habit to make a few predictions about what Rolex will release. First a disclaimer: I do not have any knowledge of what will happen. I just like to guess.

  1. The obvious move by Rolex is to release a new version of the Stainless Steel Submariner. It follows suit, having redone the solid gold Submariner two years ago and the Steel & Gold Submariner last year.
  2. I predict the Anniversary Submariner released 5 years ago in Steel will be discontinued. It doesn’t make since for them to continue it in the old case or to redesign it in the new case. This will cause a feeding frenzy to ensue for the remaining stock of this watch.
  3. The No-date Submariner will remain as is – without any changes, it sells because of its classic simplicity and they would be crazy to change it.
  4. Having put a full diamond bezel on 36mm Datejust models in Steel & Yellow Gold and Steel & White Gold models last year I expect (hope) we will see this expand to Steel & Rose Gold models as well as to 26mm Datejust models, but maybe 31mm models. I’m a little fuzzy on this one.
  5. Now for what is not going to happen but I wish it would:

  6. Annual Calendar – even if only in precious metal watches.
  7. Pepsi GMT

Let me know what your predictions are (for Rolex, or for other brands) and what you think of mine.

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