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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Basel World Predictions

It’s that time again! Basel World is March 18-25th, 2010. This is where all the major brands (except Richemont brands) announce the newest and greatest for the watch world. I’ve made it a habit to make a few predictions about what Rolex will release. First a disclaimer: I do not have any knowledge of what […]

The work of another

Ryan just informed me that he posted some pictures of his projects from watchamking school on Check them out at If you would like to see more of Ryan’s work, which looks really good to me, let him know with some comments.

Screwdriver Update

I’ve been meaning to write an update on screwdrivers for a while now, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Lakextrand asked for an update, so here it is: Way back in 2008 I got my hands on Bergeon’s new screwdrivers and wrote a little review. Well lets update the review. I’ve downgraded the […]

Jewels in Watches

I just wrote this blog post for Beauchamp Jewelers, check it out if you are interested.

A Steep Learning Curve

I recently serviced a watch with a steep learning curve. I guess I though a quartz watch, was a quartz watch. But, alas, they are not! The watch was a Piaget Caliber 8P2. I tested the electronics before agreeing to service the watch because I knew that I was unable to order parts from the […]

Check the Package

I installed a new mainspring in a Rolex calibre 3000 recently. Cleaning, adjustment, and assembly of the movement all went smoothly and when I put the movement on my timing machine for initial timing, it timed out great. My amplitude however was almost off the charts. Very unusual. I double checked the engagement of my […]

Rolex Calendar Contest Results

A big thank-you to everyone who participated in the write about your school contest to win a 2010 Rolex Calendar. There were some really fantastic additions to the watchmaking schools page of the Alliance Horlogère wiki that I am positive will be of great value to prospective students. Two of the most standout entries were […]

Tuesday Tools Update

I want to start off by giving Dushan a great big thanks for helping out with some of the more unusual Tuesday Tools we have had. He recently commented on two past articles: What is it? and This is what it is and provided some additional photos of items. The first one isthe arbres lisses. […]

Win a 2010 Rolex Calendar

Some of our most popular posts here on the blog have to do with watchmaking schools, of which there are very few left in the world. We have done our best to cover what we do know about watchmaking schools and related courses, but we can’t cover all of the bases. So, if you are […]