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Essential Tools for a Watchmaker

by Jordan Ficklin

First, a reminder that this site is intended to promote the pursuit of watchmaking as a career. This list of tools is therefore intended to represent the typical tools a professional watchmaker would need to work professionally in a watch repair shop. The list includes only personal hand tools and ignores shop equipment, like a water tester or a lathe. It is based on my own personal inventory, the WOSTEP Tool Kit, and the AWCI CW21 list. I use every tool on the list on a very regular basis. I have divided the list into three groups: essential, intermediate, and advanced and into specific tasks. Essential tools are . . . well, indispensible. Intermediate and advanced tools will only be necessary for advanced techniques like hairspring manipulation, restoration, or part manufacture.

Assembly / Disassembly
	Brass S5
	Nickel #12
	Steel #2
	Steel #3
	Steel #4
	Plastic	Quartz
Screwdriver Set
Rectangular Dust Cover
Bell Jar & Tray
Parts Trays -- To store parts during disassembly / assembly
Mainspring Winder Set
Oil Cups 30108A
Dip Oilers
Oil Cups red
Oil Cups blue
Oil Cup green
Oil Cup yellow
Slick Movement holders
Presto Hand puller
Presto Wheel Puller
Loupe 25X
Loupe 10X
Loupe 2 1/2
Automatic Oiler
Aperture Plate
Hand Pushers
Riveting Block
Set of brass pin vises
Set of steel pin vises
Hand Levers	
Pin Vises (Slick) / Barrel Arbor Holders
Horia Jeweling Tool
Staking Set
Brass Hammer
Incabloc pushers
Balance tack
Barrel Closing Tool
Plexi Stick

Small Parts Baskets		For cleaning small parts
lg glass cleaning jar
sm glass cleaqning jar
Microfiber cloth
Brass Brush 2272
Leather Buffs
Blower / Bulb
Pith Wood Button

Case Tools
Case Knives
Case Cushion
Spring Bar Tool
Ball Peen Hammer		

Measuring Tools
Tesa Calipers
Isometer Micrometer		

Caliber Specific Tools
Movement Holders
7750 Eccentric Tool		

Micromechanical Tools
Smoothing Broaches 30543-AP
Cutting Broaches 30544-AP
degussit stone
Small India Stone
Small Arkansas Stone
Lg India Stone
Lg Arkansas Stone
Emery Sticks
	8" #4
	8" #6
Vallorbe Escapement Files #4
Oval Burnisher

Tweezers	Steel #5
Oilers	Blue
Hairspring Holder
Truing Calipers
Lyre style truing caliper
Collet Removers
Balance Screw Holders
Poising Tool
Collet Holder
Carbide Drill
Pallet Warmer	

burnisher / file
Tungsten burnisher
Slot cutter
flat burnisher
Eurotool Escapement Files #2
Jewelers Saw
Drill Bits
Centering Punch
Spring Tweezers
Chamfer Tools
File Card
	10" #2
	Half circle #3 / 8"
	6" #5
	4" domed #4

Tweezers	#7 --	Hairspring Manipulation
Tweezers	Cutters 15A -- Hairspring Forming
Screwhead polisher

I’m sure it will take some discussion to explain everything here so feel free to add anything you think I missed in the comments or ask questions and I will try my best to keep up.

And, though I haven’t mentioned it in a while. If you enjoy this blog please feel free to donate.

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